Sunday, August 9, 2020

Be careful if you get the form-16 mail, you can be a victim of cyber fraud

Be careful if you get the form-16 mail, you can be a victim of cyber fraud
Thugs contact people of office together through e-mail, personal information is sought after clicking on the given link.
Cyber   thugs have now started cheating in the name of Form-16 as well. In the latest cases, all the people of the offices are contacted simultaneously through e-mail on behalf of such gangs. This email appears to have been sent by the HR department. On clicking them, people are asked for their personal information. Hindustan has seen e-mails sent to employees in a private company. The e-mail states that the Income Tax Department has introduced a new system for Form-16, for which it can be downloaded by clicking on the given link. As soon as a person clicks on the given link, he takes it to a page where people are asked for all personal information including Aadhaar card, PAN card, bank details.
This is how information reaches
In the opinion of experts, cyber thugs have started an exercise to make people more victims due to the increasing need for work from home in the corona epidemic. The country's National Cyber   Security Coordinator Rajesh Pant said that such people send email links only with similar names of the institute. On clicking those links, the system of people gets hacked, which transmits all the information that was present at that time to the thugs. According to him, in many cases it is also seen that a bug is installed in the mobile or computer as soon as the link is clicked, which keeps sending information about the entire system even later. In such a situation, whenever a person conducts his banking transactions, the chances of his getting victim increases.
Taking advantage of less secure internet.

Due to Corona epidemic, now all institutions are sending Form-16 to the people through email. Usually, it was taken from the computers installed in the institute through the office server, which was more secure. Due to the epidemic, the fraud business has started increasing by taking advantage of the less secure Internet and WiFi services of the people in the system of work from home.

Income tax department appeal.
The Income Tax Department and the Reserve Bank are also running a campaign to appeal to the people not to come across any such link. Not only this, the Reserve Bank is also continuously running awareness campaigns for the people that any link should be opened only after being assured after watching it carefully. Also, do not share your essential personal and bank related information. According to experts, cyber thugs collect important information related to them and sell them on the dark web. From there, cyber gangs spread all over the world keep hunting people.


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